About Us

At Atelier Albums we produce high quality professional wedding albums.

Quite often when brides and grooms to be are booking their wedding photography the added expense and limitations of options and packages your wedding photographer offers may not be what you would like to pay. Did you think you would get around to ordering or designing your own album after your wedding, but you never got around to it? The options available online were difficult to use, time consuming and low quality?

Given the fact that you could expect to pay upwards from €1000 for a large premium album from your photographer, at Atelier Wedding Albums we don’t think you should comprise the chance to own a premium wedding album to have and to hold.

“Who, being loved, is poor?”
– Oscar Wilde

Sound like you?

Do you have your fabulous wedding photographs sitting on a memory stick in a drawer?

Would you like a different choice of album than your photographers standard offering?

Do the non-transparent “package prices” offered not sound too appealing to you?

That’s where we come in! We will bring your special day back to life with a professionally designed and produced wedding album.